Coffee Painting

My good artist friend recently encouraged me to try out coffee painting on watercolour paper, and I have to say I really enjoy the process.

First I mixed up some fine ground coffee in a small jar and added a bit of warm water to mix.   Then, using my one inch flat brushes, I brushed a small amount of water over the whole piece of watercolour paper to start with a wet wash.  Then the fun of adding coffee begins.  

With this particular coffee painting I woke up one morning and painted the first thing that came to mind.  These mountain lake scenes seem to come up a lot in my more detailed work.  

Hope you enjoy my first of many coffee painting studies!

Maker’s Series Feature

I had the recent pleasure of working with Vancouver Island photographer Jordan Dyck for her new project highlighting people pursuing their craft, and the environments that inspire them.  I was thrilled when she contacted me to be one of her subjects to focus on.  Here are a few photos from our time spent together at my studio.  

For more photos from her project A Maker’s Series find her on Instagram @joordanrenee.  


A few years ago my friend, Blair and I collaborated on this video project. With his skills and my story we created this video together. 

One of my favourite things in life is learning about people’s stories. Where they come from, what has shaped them, and what inspires them to be uniquely them. I feel this video captures my relationship with my art practice and my heart towards this journey so well. 

Thank you Blair for your patience with me, cause being comfortable infront of a camera can be daunting, but you helped put me at ease. 


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